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Who we are?

We are project partners from the Visegrad countries in Central Europe: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. We teamed for a temporary project supported by the Visegrad Fund. 

All the V4 countries create their National Sustainable Development Strategies aimed at the implementation of eco-innovations, which promote recycling, effective exploitation of resources, and focus on any actions reducing a negative impact on environment, perceived not only as a necessity but also as a chance for greater competitiveness of EU economy. Despite the progress in the assumptions of Circular economy, the V4 group still faces a few ecological issues: ineffective management of biodegradable waste, legal and illegal waste disposal, or unreliable (in regards to EU) environmental reports. All V4 group has similar grassroots ecological goals (desiring to reach them by 2030): sustainable production, consumption and continuous increase of ecological awareness among society.

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Fundacja IRIS - Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Społecznej

Magyar Indentitásért Regionális Egyesület

ICM Jindřichův Hradec

SYTEV - Slovak Youth for Traveling

What are we doing?

Apps and web-based applications such as ours use alarms and reminders to keep you on track and remove plastic from your life. This is a fun way to follow your daily plastic using habits without feeling it were a heavy duty or a difficult chore. We help you become more conscious about your decisions and show you the direct consequences.


  • Place a nature-friendly shopping bag on a visible place, so you are reminded about it every day.
  • You can keep it in your handbag, or in your car, or on your desk, or at the entrance to remind you to take it with you upon leaving your home.
  • You actually may add a little trick and keep the shopping list always attached to this bag.
  • Once you need the list you will automatically take the bag with you as well.
  • Simply seeing it more often will remind you about the possibility of using it on a regular bases, integrated into your new, plastic-free daily habits.
  • Having a visual reminder of your achievements is the greatest tool for further success.
  • Once you see these tiny bits of success, you will feel more encouraged to stick to your new routine.

Good luck!

Why Us?

Our idea complements this huge momentum on plastic pollution reduction, offering a solution to this problem through actively engaged young generations.

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